Cheryl Timm, Family/Consumer Science, Pierce, Alissa Hoffman
  • FCCLA Tutorials Video
    • Making a motion during a meeting
    • The FCCLA Point System (earning points to attend special events)
      • State Leadership Conference
      • Summer Incentive Trip
    • Making a Candygram
    • Star Project Submission Process
    • Power of One

Carol Erwin, Family/Consumer Science, Randolph Public Schools, Allison Backer
  • The Best Life Advice
    • students at school took the iPad asked adults for their Best Life Advice (teachers, parents)
  • Landscaping App ($4.99) - extra credit opportunity

John Dohrman, Guidance, Rock County Public Schools, Tiara Krieger
  • Interview Project
    • High School Principal addresses class on the interview process
      • The handshake
      • The Mrs. Dvorak handshake
      • Formal and Informal
      • Eye Contact
      • *Bad example
      • *Good example
      • Critiquing the Interviews

Tim Nollette, Agriculture, Cody Kilgore Unified Schools, nollette@esu17.orgHannah Jones
  • Lifestock Judging ("How to" Introduction)
    • Terms (traits)
      • Cattle
      • Market Hogs
      • Breeding Gilts

Mary Sterkel, Business, Plainview Public Schools, Markie Christiansen
  • Different Types of Business Ownerships
    • cooperative, franchise, partnership, corporation
    • Subway franchise interview
    • Jazzercize franchise interview
    • John Deere/Greenline Implement corporation
    • Battle Creek Farmer's Pride cooperative (8 locations)
    • K-Lawn Sole Proprietorship
    • R&R Farms Partnerships
      • number of years in business
      • customers
      • why started - need/interest
      • advantages, disadvantages
      • also questions tailored to specific business

Gregg Conn, Guidance, Wausa Public Schools, Gavin Friederick
  • Homeroom Project
    • Career Curriculum: College Fair
    • Community Involvement: Service Project
      • Student Interviews about experience
    • Follow-up
      • iLife 11 software added to 1:1
      • interview downtown businesses, with video trailers posted to school website

Amy Selting, Business, Elgin Public Schools,
  • When do I use the iPad?
    • in class with students as instructional tool, portability
    • other school activities, responsibilities
    • at home, with family
    • Lip Dub project (with additional technology: flip camera, laptop)
      • during homecoming week
      • premiered video on Friday
    • Follow-up Activities
    • Considering a 1:1 in the future

Jodi Borchers, Agriculture, Pierce Public Schools, Dalton Polt
  • Promote CTE for School
    • Why are CTE classes important?
    • Advantages for students who take CTE classes?
    • What classes are offered, how do students benefit?
    • superintendent, principal, activities director, business instructor, technology, family & consumer science, industrial technology

Ronita Jacobsen, Family/Consumer Science, Plainview, Kelsey Cattel, Michaela Sirek
  • FCCLA Events
    • District Leadership Conference
    • Leadership Capitol Tour and Governor's Mansion
    • Google Forms
      • Kindergarten formative assessment
      • Classroom observation