9:00-9:15--Sharing Session, How Did You Get the iPad Into Your Students Hands?
  • How did you do it?
    • students helped teacher set up Apple TV
    • last year several students involved; this year branched out - formed a team that will stay in school even after Design Team phase has ended
    • leadership team used (FCCLA), Used Dropbox
    • School Improvement - putting together a slideshow/video (students involved); emailing videos from iPad (not possible with computer)
    • video editing done on computer
    • students are comfortable using both the computer and the iPad for video editing; a stylus makes it easier
  • Where there drawbacks or limitations?
    • elementary school has an iPad cart - iTunes accounts an issue
    • school district is making the decision what device to select in 1:1 initiative (iPad, laptop)
      • printing
      • Word documents (typing)
      • personal preference
    • what is the best Smart filter for iPads? iPads work around the filtering system. The current trend is to teach students responsible use (social media).

9:15-9:30--Discussion, How Did You Use the Apple TV in Your Classroom?
  • Issue with connecting to SmartBoard
  • SmartBoard pens don't work with iPad, sometimes don't work with laptop
  • it is possible to put a password on Apple TV to prevent accidental connection (recommended for school use)
  • more teachers are getting access to iPads and Apple TV
  • onsite technology support is important when issues arise, makes integration difficult

9:30-9:45--Ideas for Using One iPad in the Classroom.
  • multimedia display, class apps, photographs and video, pupil sharing, teacher tools, lesson building
  • Mary's graphic organizer

9:45-11:30--Presentation Showcase

  1. Did having this device affect the learning environment in your classroom?
  2. Looking into next year what do you need to continue this process?
  3. What were some of the problems you had?
  4. What advice would you give a teacher who is planning on purchasing a mobile device? Has your school purchased or does it plan to purchase mobile devices?


12:30-1:45--iTunes U
  • in catalog you can search through Categories, Institutions (K-12), Top Charts
    • courses and collections
  • can create content through iTunes U, but have to have permission from NDE to post
  • can post privately to your institution so that it is not universally accessible
  • Ted Talks
    • Richard St. John: "Success is a continuous journey" video
  • Khan Academy
    • Business-oriented topics (videos)
    • Pay-Day Loans video
  • Gooru Collections Free search engine for learning
    • resources, collections, quizzes

  • Managing Multiple Devices with the same account (monitoring messages and emails)
  • Settings-Messages (and) FaceTime- Send and Receive - set up additional email accounts for separate individuals

1:45-2:00--Training Requests & Year 3 Plan
  • current proposal is to provide MacBook Pro laptop computers for all participants next year
  • Keep same fall training schedule, move 2nd semester date into Feb (Wed)
  • syncing new laptop to existing device - bring current laptop
  • app management and organization

2:00-3:00--App Smackdown with DT2
  • Class Dojo (Chris Good): set up classes, put students in class, behavior tracking, report generating and sharing, free
  • Pogoplug (Michele Schmidt): remote access to computer, flash drive files
  • Appstart (Mandy Hochstein): helpful info for first-timers on devices, intro to apps available
  • AppyDay(Mandy Hochstein): free apps
  • Reflector (Marilyn Whitaker): mirror your device wirelessly
  • AirServer (Corey Dahl): another mirroring app (a little more reliable than Reflector)
  • Prezi (Mandy Hochstein): alternative to PowerPoint
  • CCal 11 (Michele Schmidt): Google calendar sync
  • Flashcardlet (Marcy Roeber): flashcard generator
  • Quizlet (Marilyn Whitaker): another flashcard generator
  • AppsGoneFree (Chris Good): apps that are available for a limited time for free
  • Dropbox
  • Twitter
  • Dragon (Patty Finney): an easy-to-use voice recognition app, take oral notes, email them
  • Idea Sketch (Corey Dahl): create and share diagram
  • GroupShot (Michele Schmidt): photo editing tool that allows you to replace parts of picture from another photo
  • Frame Magic (Michele Schmidt): create and share photo collage
  • (Chris Good):
  • Financial Football (Brian Fanta): fun game to improve financial literacy