Cheryl Timm and Jodi Borchers, Pierce Educators, Alissa Hoffman and Kristen Albrecht, students
  • SWAT Team (Students Working to Advance Technology)
    • Surveyed 7-12 Pierce HS Students on how they use technology
    • Preparing Grade 7 students and new students with creating technology orientation
    • Mission Statement, Timeline, Identifying Tasks, Roles, Survey Questions, Survey Results
    • Challenges: time
    • Public Relations - promotions, posters, video
    • SWAT team selected, meetings being scheduled (1-2 times per month); 10 students on team
    • setting SWAT team hours after school to assist students and teachers with technology

Greg Conn, Wausa, Gavin Friedrich, student
  • Promoting Downtown Wausa
    • Interviewing downtown businesses, video clips, draw businesses to Wausa
    • Creating a commercial
    • Run on local cable tv channel
      • "Why did you start your business in Wausa?"
      • "What do you enjoy most about your business?"
      • "Is it easy to run a business in a small town?"
      • "What is the age range of your employees?"
      • "What are the benefits of running a family business?"

Mandy Hochstein, Hartington, Courtney Hochstein, student

Jane Dexter, Chambers
  • project in process
    • brainstorm with students: how teachers can use iPads in the classroom, finding time for teachers to figure out how to use iPads, finding apps for Business
    • school iPad initiative began with JH students

John Dohrman, Rock County, Tabitha Belmont, student
  • Getting more students involved in Fine Arts programs
    • decline of student involvement
    • What can be done to gain interest
    • Why is there lack of interest
    • Benefit of Fine Arts
    • Surveys
      • Student surveys - ag, computers, art, choir rotate each quarter (JH)
        • are you involved, if so, which,
        • are you interested
        • what can be done to increase involvement
          • scheduling
          • dedicated
          • not interested, not enough time
          • type of music
      • Teacher
        • were you involved in fine arts in hs
        • what challenges do you feel students are up against
        • what are benefits of FA
        • what limits student participation in FA
        • why is there lack of participation
        • what can be done to increase interest/involvement
        • are students in FA more successful
      • Survey results will be shared with administration

Tim Nollette, Cody-Kilgore, Hannah Jones, student
  • Agricultural Awareness
    • fighting negative media regarding agriculture
    • 40% of jobs in Nebraska are agriculturally-related
    • A-FAN Initiative: all agricultural commodity interest groups working together instead of opposing each other
    • create videos that support ag literacy (eggs don't come from cows, even though eggs are next to milk in the grocery store)
    • using iMovie to create educational video clips

Ronita Jacobsen, Plainview

Mary Sterkel, Plainview

Jodi Borchers Pierce Ag
Gregg Conn Wausa Counselor
Jane Dexter Chambers Business
John Dohrman Rock County School Counselor
MIchelle Galles Randolph FCS
Mandy Hochstein Hartington Business
Ronita Jacobsen Plainview FCS
Tim Nollette Cody-Kilgore Ag
Julie Rowse Elkhorn Valley FCS
Amy Selting Elgin Business
Mary Sterkel Plainview Business
Cheryl Timm Pierce FCS