hdmi_port.jpg HDMI port is circled in yellow.

Backing Up and Updating:

Note-taking apps:

Note Taking Apps
Evernote – free
  • 60 MB upload per month
  • Text notes – cannot write with a stylus or your finger
  • Can insert pictures from camera or photo roll. Use the Page Camera to use your iPad as a doc camera and snap pictures of written notes.
  • Audio recordings
  • Web clippings can be done with a browser extension on Firefox, Safari, IE, Google Chrome. Not available for iPad yet, but can be done on the computer version.
  • Ability to synchronize notes with your account on other devices or on the web. So, if you write a note on your computer, it will show up on your iPad or iPhone or you can log into the Evernote web page and continue working on the note from there.
  • Can search for words in both images and text.
  • Notes are organized into notebooks.
  • Connects to Evernote Trunk with icon on bottom right to show you products and apps that help you make full use of Evernote.
The premium version of EverNote costs $45.00 per year and includes these additional features:
  • 1 G upload per month
  • can take notebooks offline for when you don’t have a network connection
  • allow others to edit your notes
  • gives you a note history so you can see previous versions of your notes
  • a single note can be up to 50 MB
  • PIN lock for extra security
  • Makes PDF’s searchable
  • Makes images of printed or hand written text searchable
  • Peek – a free app that simulates a smart cover
  • Web Clipper – a web browser extension that shows up in the menu bar of Firefox, Chrome, IE or Safari and allows you to clip sections of a web page and send them to Evernote.
  • Penultimate – a free hand note-taking app that will link to EverNote

Notes Plus - $7.99
  • type whole page text or use text boxes
  • write with stylus or finger
  • draw pictures, add images and web clippings
  • record what is going on around you as you take notes
  • can now record while you are using another app
  • allows you to create folders and subfolders to organize notebooks
  • can make notebooks read only – they can only be modified if you know the password
  • close up writing tool keeps your writing small
  • pop-up palm pad for resting your hand as you write
  • allows you to group elements then zoom in, pan out or rotate a selection
  • notes can be shared using Dropbox, email, Google Drive, exported as a PDF
  • A $1.99 add on changes handwritten notes to text
Paper Port Notes
  • Uses Dragon voice recognition to allow you to dictate notes.
  • Basic storage is free – 1 G with a 500 MB limit to file size.
  • Can insert pictures from web, photos library but not camera.
  • Easily takes and imports web snapshots.
  • Organized by note sets instead of notebooks.
  • Allows you to annotate PDFs.
  • Can share via Dropbox, Email, Google Drive, Docs Folder, or another app using the “Open With” option.
  • Can save to Paperport Anywhere for access from any device. 1 G free storage and ability to buy more storage.