October 10

Expectations: Create a webcast with Camtasia, publish it for your students to use. At end of training we will have a practice video created. For the showcase you will do a video of your own.

Mac Interface and Mountain Lion
Notifications: you can set this up to send you notifications from Message, Mail, Facebook, App Store

Trackpad: trackpad gestures: three finger swipe down =

System Preferences:

Trackpad: There are three buttons "Point and Click", "Scroll and Zoom" and "More Gestures" - this is where you change the way the Trackpad acts. Turn on "Tap to Click".
"Three Finger Drag" : three fingers on the track pad moves a window

Dictation: System Preferences -- Dictation and Speech -- when turned on click function key (bottom left of keyboard) twice to dictate. Must be in a text document or address bar of browser, anywhere you are supposed to type in text. This preference is where you also set up text to speech. This allows you to highlight text and have the computer read it to you.

Go to icloud.com sign in and find your iPhone: Play sound, Lost mode locks your device and posts your phone number, can remotely erase it,

Tips: Search, right click on icon at top of document to see where it is stored. highlighting the file in list the path will show up at bottom of window
Get Info
AirDrop: Open two windows, drag file over to AirDrop folder and drop it on the icon of the computer you want to send it to.

Click on file then space bar to open document in Preview. Lets you look at files without actually opening them. Much faster.

To cycle through open applications: hold down command key

Introduction to Mac Applications
Integrated with several apps. Can share to Twitter, flicker, Facebook, etc. Can send photos directly from photos. You do not have to export and mail them through email.
Faces and Places--Click on photo, click on Info button, can add names and places. Then you can go over to faces and it will add photos to their pile. If friends comment on photos you will see them in iPhoto.
Slideshow--new slideshow templates and music.
To send a slideshow--choose your photos, click create, and then select slideshow (other choices are book, card, calendar). Since I created something, you can put a text slide in. Click on a photo and then text slide will be inserted on a slide before that picture.
Then you can export that slide show and choose which device you want to share it too. Remember to save.
Syncing photos--when you plug in your device, you can just select the specific photos you want on your device and you do not have the sync them all.

On your iPad, Garage Band is a $5 App. It is free on the Mac. Can use to create a little background jingle for a project. Mary demonstrated using loops, she downloaded all the loops GarageBand has available. She left the female voice track and she picked a loop and drag and drop it it.

New features in this version. New templates for Movie Trailers, more control over audio tracks, add effects to clips like instant replay or stop. There are two new themes-Sports Production and News Theme.

Flipped Learning:
Blended learning in which students learn new content online and what used to be homework is now done in class.